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How to beat an assault charge in Canada?

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Payam Javadi

Payam Javadi

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How to beat an assault charge in Canada

Assault (Summary)

Section 265(1) of the Criminal Code for assault

Assault is the intentional application of force, no matter how slight, on an individual without his or her consent. An assault can also include words, acts or deeds that are not an application of force but might reasonably lead someone to fear that a use of force is coming.

Victims of Assault

Assault can range from mere touching to violent punching. Assault may consist of punching, kicking, pushing someone out of your way, spitting at someone and many other examples. Assault can be committed by an indirect force, threatening or attempting to use force. It is important to identify available defenses to assault charges and protect your rights and freedom.

Many assault charges result from the bar fights and acting while under influence of alcohol and/or drugs. If an assault does not involve serious injuries or use of a weapon, the crown will usually treat it as a summary offence. Otherwise, it may be treated as a more serious crime that normally involves a stricter sentence. Do not wait. Let professionals defend your assault charges, protect your freedom, and your record.

How to beat an assault charge in Canada?

How to beat an assault charge in Canada

If you have been charged with assault it is important to know how to deal with it. Assault charges are exceptionally serious; therefore, it is important to understand your options.

Retaining our firm of lawyers and paralegals to assist with your assault charges can save unnecessary court appearances and expedite resolution of the allegation. Contact our experienced defense team for a free assault consultation today.

Summary offence of assault can carry devastating consequences including:

  • Up to two-year imprisonment
  • Criminal Record
  • Probation Orders
  • Substantial fines

The possibility of a successful resolution of assault crimes is often closely affected by the severity of injuries sustained by the victim. Our firm will approach assault charges seriously and can help you protect your record, minimizing the impact of criminal prosecution.

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